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-Has had a camera in hand since Kindergarten.
-Enjoys making brilliant images of fuzzy concepts, (marriage being one of them.)
-Has had the same NB cell number since middle school. (11+ years)
-Doesn’t believe every photo needs to be crisp or noise free to be perfect and loves the soft look of high speed BW film.
-Likes the big city sights of the Centre of the Universe, (Toronto) but the Picture Province of Canada (New Brunswick) shall forever be his home.
-Is eccentric, a fan of black humour and is nuttier than a squirrel turd when left to his own devices and is a bit of a perfectionist.
-Suffers from existential angst and ponders big questions till his head hurts.
-Doesn’t like giving clients thousands of mediocre images but a few hundred awesome ones.
-Has photographed a wedding in the Supreme Court of Canada, other dignitaries on the floor of the House of Commons and national sporting events.
-Believes in not taking pictures but making art.
-Is easily bribed by good food and getting a chance to travel.
-Can usually be found bouncing around the GTA, Ottawa and New Brunswick but goes wherever his clients need him to go.