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Weddings are expensive. Ease the Pressure and Finance your Photography.

At Mittens Photography, we offer interest-free financing on all wedding photography packages.  Most clients make 12 payments over the course of 12 months.  People with bigger packages – over $4,500 – amortize over 18 months.

How does this help you?
By financing everything directly through your photographer, you make the process much easier on yourself.  You don’t have to worry about setting a huge chunk of money aside and writing a giant check, when you already have a million other wedding-related expenses to worry about.

Plus, this type of financing allows you to save a huge amount of money!

After all, if you go out and try to get a line of credit at a bank or put everything on your credit card, you’re going to wind up drowning in interest payments.  The best you can hope for at a bank is paying 5-7% interest, while credit card interest rates can easily be three times higher!

However, if you know that your wedding photographer is going to offer you interest-free financing, you can take all of that money you would have paid in interest and put it towards a better photo package.  That way, you’ll have more memories of your big day – without having to mortgage the house to get them!

Wedding Investment

We offer packages as well as a la carte options to best suit your needs.

Coverage begins at $3100 for 6 hours of photography with two photographers. Album packages start at $4200. All album packages include: at least 8 hours of coverage, an online gallery for viewing and ordering prints, an album credit, and the high-res files. Most clients budget between 5k-8k for their photography.

Mittens Photography also offers a professional reprint service, parent/companion albums, and thank you cards, among other options.

Prices subject to change without notice and are subject to HST.

Email us for a copy of our wedding brochure to find out more about our different collections and display options.